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Doss CCSD Window Replacement and Play Court Bid Notices Rev. 1 10.19.20

Doss CCSD Asynchronous Plan FY21 with Attachments and Approval 2.0 10.13.20

Daily Covid Screening




Doss-CCSD-Strong-Start-Return-to-School-Plan 8.19.20

COVID-19 Education Rights Flyer



Doss CCSD Parent and Employee 4th of July Message 07.02.20

4th of July Safety Poster

Doss CCSD One Final Parent and Employee Message 05.28.20

Doss CCSD Parent Message Reading to Children 05.28.20

Teacher Appreciation May 2020

Doss School Volunteer Thank You April 2020

Thank You Wadsworth on Administrative Professionals Day 2020

Doss VFD Fire and Safety Poster Winners-2020

Doss-VFD-Poster-Photo-Middle Room-2020

Doss-VFD-Poster-Photo-Big Room-2020

Gillespie County Soil & Water Conservation District Essay and Poster Winners

Gillespie County Soil & Water Conservation District Poster Participants

Our fantastic School Board Members who are OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!  THANK YOU so much for all that you do for Doss CCSD…you are definitely “Launching the Next Generation!”

2020 Board Recognition Logo

A Special Thank You – Christmas Program

2019 Christmas-Program – “The Greatest Snowman”

Press Releases

Doss CCSD Perimeter Revised Fencing Project Notice 04.16.20

Doss CCSD Perimeter Fencing Project Notice

Doss CCSD HVAC Facilities Project Notice

Doss CCSD Back to School Letter to Editor

Most People Are Good Lyrics

TAPR Notice of Public Hearing